Maintenance work at the Community Centre

It has been necessary to undertake major maintenance work at the Community Centre due to the boiler breaking down during the summer and lights not meeting the required standard.

The project has four specific aspects:

  1. Replacement of the outside lights, 7 of which act as emergency lights and do not now last the required 3 hours. The new lights would be LED and light downwards.
  2. Changing the tube lights inside to the Hall, Foyer and Meeting Room to LED lights giving a significant saving in electricity costs.
  3. Installing a new boiler to replace the existing boiler which no longer works. The new boiler will be significantly more efficient in itself and coupled with alterations, to include replacing an immersion heater serving the kitchen, and adding climate controls will also lead to more economic usage.
  4. Connecting the 7-5 kw of solar panels, which we financed ourselves, to a new well insulated tank to augment the heating from the boiler.

These new improvements will significantly benefit Llangors Youth & Community Centre to continue to serve the local and wider communities.

The total estimated cost is : £14,732
We have been awarded from the NP Sustainability Fund: £5,525
We have been awarded from the Powys Regeneration Fund: £6,707
Leaving us to find: £2,500

We are very grateful for a donation of £1,500 from the Sri Lanka curry evening towards the amount we need to provide.
The boiler firm are due to start on Wednesday 3rd October and to finish on Friday 12th. The other items will follow on later in October.

Village Telephone Kiosk






Llangors Village Telephone Kiosk

This iconic red kiosk in the village was purchased by Llangors Youth and Community Centre on September 26th 2016 from BT for the sum of £1. Since then a lot of work has been done by a few committee stalwarts in their spare time, in between rugby matches and the weather – either too hot or too wet!

You will notice that the telephone kiosk is now a bright, shiny, red colour and will shortly have glass panels at the top with the words ‘INFORMATION’ and ‘GWYBODAETH’ (‘Information’ in Welsh) written on.

Eventually the kiosk will be equipped with tourist information leaflets and a notice board where people can advertise their events or businesses.

Hopefully it will be finished soon, before the rugby Internationals start again!

Thanks to those who have a done a grand job renovating the kiosk, you know who you are.

Diolch yn fawr