New Play Area

We now have the lease for the play area and have started clearing some of the paths and had some trees cut down which were causing problems. A fence will be erected around the site in the next few weeks and, hopefully some tables and benches obtained, which will ensure that there is a safe area for children to play and a place for families and friends to meet.

Llangors Telephone Kiosk Seed/Plant Exchange

The telephone kiosk in the middle of Llangors now has a new purpose in life! It is being used by members of the public to share and/ or exchange seeds and plants. If you have any surplus seeds or plants that you would like to donate, please leave them in the kiosk. Similarly, if there is anything there you would like to take from the kiosk, then please do so. It is all free of charge. There is hand sanitiser in the kiosk to use.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi /St David’s Day

Many thanks to everyone who helped cheer up the village for St. David’s Day.

Diolch i bawb wnaeth help rhoi gwen ar wynebau ar Ddydd Gŵyl Dewi.


Thanks to all the children who entered the St David’s Day Painting Competition. All the entries were passed on to Brookside Nursing Home and the winners are listed overleaf.
Well done to everyone who entered, they were all very good.

Diolch yn fawr a Llogyfarchiadau.

Cystadleuaeth Peintiad
Canlyniadau (Results)

Group 1

First Prize 
Polly Mae Reed 
This is so beautiful and we love the rainbow!

Second Prize 
Elin Bevan
Very talented for a 5 year old!! Well done!

Group 2

First Prize 
Hari Bevan
Amazing detail! We hope that’s St George he’s got in his hands!

Second Prize 
James Mitchell
Very beautiful design!
Group 3

First Prize  
Ryley Reed
Lovely dragon and love the breathing the rainbow!!

Christmas Tree

  • Pictures of Christmas Trees

For the first time in many years, the Christmas tree on the old village hall site, at the junction in Llangors, has been decorated with red fairy lights topped with a green star. The tree on the triangle has also been decorated.

Our thanks are extended to Sam Ridge, a resident of Llangors, who sourced the lights and put them on the tree. Many thanks also to those who contributed towards the cost of the lights. The staff and residents of Brookside Care Home made woolen pom poms which have been used to decorate the trees. Many thanks to them also.

I’m sure you will agree that it looks very festive this year!! 

Play Park and Community Shop Leases Signed

On Tuesday November 17th, a 25 year lease for a Community Asset Transfer of ground from Powys County Council to Llangors Youth and Community Centre was signed by Melrose East (Chair) and Lawrence Duffy (Treasurer). This portion of ground, on the site of the old Primary School, will, in due course, be  a children’s play park.

Following this momentous signing, another signing took place. This was for a 5 year lease for a portion of ground where the old play park was sited, adjacent to the Community Centre. This is where a community run shop will be built, another vital facility for our village.

Exciting times!!

New Hall Floor

The Community Centre has been closed for most activities (Post Office has remained open) since the middle of March due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, work has continued on maintaining the building. At the beginning of the year the main hall was painted and in October the floor in the main hall was resurfaced and new Badminton lines drawn in. This has improved the appearance of the hall considerably. It is now looking very smart and hopefully the Centre can reopen for hire soon.

Image of new floor
Sparkling new floor

Carecrow LLANGORS 2020 Winners and Entries


From all at Brookside: We loved all the entries!!! It’s taken us all day to decide! They were all fantastic and the residents loved looking at them all!! We went for a wander to have a look in person!!! Brilliant effort from everyone!!!!!!
From Rupert Clausen: I agree with Brookside. Every entry was special, and collectively Llangorse made a big heart gesture to all carers and essential workers on the front line.

Well done everybody!

Carecrows : 3 prize winners – then a list (roughly in order of seeing them, from one end of the village to another) – Not rank!

Click here to see the winners and comments!!