Llangors Together Shout-out and Share.

A community
project open to all to take part for all to enjoy.
Have you started something creative and new?
If not, perhaps now is the time!

Llangors Together invites all from across our community to take part in a sharing of creativity during this time when our routines have changed so much.  Are you keeping a diary?  A journal?  Are you crafting?  Painting?  Making posters? Weaving?  Photographing?  Making short films? Blogging? Freewriting? Have you invented a new game? Sharing your rainbows in windows? Making or learning or creating anything?  If you aren’t, would you like to?  
We would love to hear from you.  
We hope to have a sharing of work (digital and physical) once we can – probably at Llangors Youth & Community Centre – when we can enjoy each other’s company and when we can reflect on the time we have journeyed through together.  
This is not a competition, simply a space and opportunity to share where we can.  A community project. 

We would just like to encourage and invite you to take part!For more details contact:
 Lynn 07949 329 561   E:  lynn.clausen@btinternet.com